Yummy Fun Episodes

Yummy Fun Episodes

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Yummy Fun Episodes

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  • Spring Has Sprung

    Spring is in the air and so is Yummyclare! In this fun episode, she will introduce you and Green Charlotte to some wild Candy Bug friends of hers. But wait, it seems as if someone has been hibernating in the Yummyfun kitchen! Laugh along as Yummyclare turns this pickle into a chuckle and ends up ...

  • Spookyfun

    Yummyclare’s kitchen is HAUNTED! Manny and Green Charlotte have the spooks too, so it seems the whole building may be in for a creepy night. Yummyclare decides to go with the scary vibe, and makes a pile of fun and scary recipes, perfect for a Halloween party! Let Yummyclare and The Tastebuds sho...

  • Monkeying Around in the Kitchen

    Yummyclare salutes her favorite animals, the proud primates, in this action-packed episode! Safari Geoff, a mysterious and amusing scientist, visits the Yummyfun kitchen just in time to help Yummyclare with a Monkey Pop predicament. Thankfully, everyone has time to join The Tastebuds for a fantas...